Moulded FRP Grating Panels Made by Seaman Corporation

Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union
Moulded FRP Grating Panels Made by Seaman Corporation

Product Description

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) grating was made with fiberglass as reinforcement, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, through special composite processing made to plate materials with meshes. It can be used as structural materials, anti-corrosion floor, trench cover, platforms, ship decks, stairs, planks and so on.
FRP grating advantages:
Light weight: FRP's proportion is around 1.8g/cm3, about 1/4 of steel, or 2/3 of aluminum;
High strength: Its strength is ten times rigid PVC, absolute strength is much higher than aluminum, reaching the level of ordinary steel;
Corrosion resistance: It is stainless, not rusty, no mold, no rot, no paint, the ability of resisting a lot of gaseous, liquid corrosive media;
Fatigue resistance: FRP grating has some flexibility, which makes people feel comfortable to work long-term on it, as a working platform, reducing the workers legs and back tension, increased job comfort, improving work efficiency, and was recommended by scientists of human engineering;
Comprehensive economic benefits: Compared with ordinary carbon steel, FRP grating has a lower comprehensive cost;
Easy installation: FRP grating's application lessened the structure's weight, reduced the weight of the supporting structure, the installation does not require lifting equipments, economical and convenient.
Security: FRP grating in the installation process, there will not be any spark, especially suitable for usage in an explosive atmosphere, in addition, the grating has a non-slip surface(concave or gritted) to prevent slipping and reduce accident;
Type of FRP grating
Upon molding process, FRP grating can be divided into Pultruded Grating and Molded Grating.
Color of FRP grating, the grating color could be made by mixing compatible color pigment into the resin, the color of grating is not only the surface, the whole grating the same color.
FRP grating applications
Trench cover
Double deck floor
Plank road
Operation platform
Platform around tank
Offshore oil platforms
Sewage treatment
Boats and others

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